Rinstrum R423 Indicator with Stainless Steel Bracket

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The R400 series of indicators is designed with both the installer and operator in mind and covers a wide range of applications. The indicators are engineered and built to last with reliability being foremost. The modular design allows for the installation to be commissioned with only the components required, saving time and money.

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Rinstrum R423 Indicator with Stainless Steel Bracket


Features of Rinstrum R423 Indicator

  • AC and DC options
  • LCD with 4 alpha-numeric displays and LED backlighting
  • OIML, NMI and NTEP trade approved
  • Built-in RS232/RS485
  • IP66-rated Stainless Steel housing
  • Ethernet support
  • A robust precise analogue output module
  • Versatile application software

Superior diagnostics and support

  • A range of diagnostic tools and features
  • Hardware configuration report: summarizes how the indicator hardware is set up, providing a record for maintenance purposes or fault finding
  • Force Output and Test Input functions: allow the installer to specifically test I/O to assist in site setup
  • Ability to swap modules in and out without recalibration of the indicator

View400 Fast Efficient Indicator setup via a PC

View 400 displays the complete menu structure of the indicator on the PC
with convenient drop-down menus for setting selection.

  • Enter custom print strings using the PC
  • Set up the indicator and save the configuration and calibration for maintenance purposes or load the RIS file onto multiple indicators
  • Create a real-time graph from the log that is ideal for diagnostics
Rinstrum R400 Series Calibration Video

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