0.01g Weighing Scale


320.00 ex VAT

Introducing our precision scale designed to measure with unparalleled accuracy of 0.01g

Approvals: OIML, NTEP
Divisions: 6,000e; 60,000d; 150,000d
Pan Size: φ80mm;φ120mm;140x150mm
Display:16.5mm digits LCD display with white LED backlight
Key Board:7 keys membrane
Battery: 6V/1.2Ah Lead-acid rechargeable battery up to 30 hours continuous use (without backlight)
Optional: Rear display, USB2.0(type B), Bluetooth5.0, below weighing

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0.01g Weighing Scale


Introducing our precision scale designed to measure with unparalleled accuracy of 0.01g. This meticulously crafted scale boasts an array of impressive features, making it an essential tool for various applications. With OIML and NTEP approvals, you can trust in its precision and reliability.

Choose from a range of capacities to suit your specific needs, ranging from 150g to 6000g. The scale’s divisions include 6,000e, 60,000d, and 150,000d, ensuring precise measurements every time. The generously sized pans, available in φ80mm, φ120mm, and 140x150mm, provide ample space for your materials.

The scale comes equipped with a user-friendly 16.5mm digits LCD display, complete with a convenient white LED backlight for easy reading in any environment. The 7-key membrane keyboard allows for intuitive and efficient operation.

Powered by a robust 6V/1.2Ah Lead-acid rechargeable battery, this scale can deliver up to 30 hours of continuous use (excluding backlight usage), providing you with unrivaled convenience and flexibility. Additionally, the scale includes an RS232 port as standard, ensuring seamless data communication.

For added convenience and versatility, we offer optional features such as a rear display, USB2.0 (type B), Bluetooth5.0, and below weighing functionality. These options allow you to customize the scale to meet your specific requirements.

Experience precision like never before with our meticulously crafted 0.01g scale, designed to meet the highest industry standards. Trust in its accuracy, reliability, and versatility to elevate your weighing needs to the next level. Choose excellence – choose our precision scale.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Weighing Capacity

600g x 0.01g




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