5 Reasons Why Accredited Calibration Is Important For Weighing Scales And Balances

Consistent quality of results

By performing calibration at regular intervals, you will counteract the subtle, gradual deterioration of the performance and accuracy of your measuring instrument that goes undetected. This procedure will enable you to ensure consistent quality and obtain accurate measurement results every time.

Protection against measurement errors and rework

Undetected measurement variations lead to inaccurate results or errors that can propagate as consequential errors. These, in turn, usually result in the need for redoing your tasks or reworking entire series, which takes time, effort and money

Optimum Functionality

At Scales Store, we always perform maintenance on your weighing scales as part of our calibration service. This involves checking your weighing instrument and all its settings. Afterwards, your weighing equipment will deliver peak, error-free performance. So choose this service to be on the safe side and prevent potential errors or trouble down the line.

Creating trust in a service provider

Accreditation creates trust in a service provider’s expertise. This will give you the peace of mind knowing that the calibration procedure meets the highest quality standards and your instruments will deliver correct measurement results. Ireland’s largest weighing equipment manufacturer The highest accreditation in Ireland for weighing equipment Re-verification of all weighing equipment Maintenance and calibration service for all weighing equipment We are the only Irish Company to have such a high level of certification from the European Legal Metrology Authorities NSAI registered certifier for Ireland.

We are certified to self-verify our own manufactured products, as fit for legal to trade from the NMO in the EU Weighing Terminals certified by the NMI in Holland.

Perfect preparation for quality audits

Traceable measurement results are required in most regulated areas. With an accredited calibration certificate, you will meet this requirement so you will be best prepared for your next quality audit.

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